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How To Locate Cold Air Leaks In Your Home

November 30, 2023

Air leaks are problems. Homeowners might not realize it, but an air leak could be causing heating and cooling bills to go way up.

Gas or electricity powers a furnace. Both represent energy costs. When your furnace works overtime to compensate for escaping air, the expenses increase. The homeowner needs to look for those annoying air leaks or else the problem won’t go away.

Feel Your Way Around

Cold air isn’t too challenging to notice. After all, the air is cold to the touch. You simply need to touch window and door frames along with vents to see if that cold air is present. Once you notice any cold air, then there’s likely a problem with poor insulation or imperfections creating leaks.

Once you see these prominent trouble spots, don’t ignore them. Colair, Inc. of Mission, Edinburg, and McAllen TX, can help you with a multitude of heating and air conditioning requests, and we make our services available for both commercial and residential property owners.

Check For Cracks And Holes

Cracks in window glass are not only unsightly, but they can also let air escape. Holes in the roof can allow rain and snow to drip through, a disastrous problem. The holes also allow air to escape.

Holes anywhere on the structure create a portal to the interior and can cause leaks. Also, tearing out drywall and insulation to perform repairs is sometimes unavoidable. Delays on replacing the insulation and drywall won’t help energy efficiency much.

Use Detection Tricks And Devices

Tools exist that can pick up on leaks around windows, doors, and other potential trouble spots. Buying or renting professional detection tools comes with costs. However, you may be able to determine the presence of a leak with a candle trick. The candle may flicker when it comes in contact with air.

Pick up the phone and call Colair, Inc., to ask for help with any heating or cooling services. Our team is ready to assist Mission, TX, residents throughout the year.

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