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Improving Ventilation In Your House

November 30, 2023

If your home is well-sealed but you’re beginning to have problems with air quality or a stuffy house, then you probably need to improve ventilation in your residence. Without ventilation, you can end up with harmful gases and chemicals sealed into your house. Furthermore, moisture won’t escape and may result in a mold problem. This means that you could end up with serious consequences to your health. Also, humid air makes your cooling system have to work harder, which will cause it to wear out faster and need repairs.

What Is Proper Home Ventilation?

Professionally installed ventilation systems, such as the ones offered by Colair, Inc. in Mission, Edinburg, and McAllen, bring air into your home with filtration rather than through cracks and leaks. Such systems are designed to prevent too much moisture and to keep the air cleaner.

What Types Of Ventilation Are There?

There are three main types of ventilation:

  • Natural ventilation from windows, doors, and cracks
  • Spot ventilation using exhaust fans
  • Whole-house ventilation with duct systems and fans

Natural ventilation is the easiest, but it can result in problems such as making your air conditioner work harder, thereby raising your electrical bills. Spot ventilation is easy to implement but is less effective than whole-house ventilation.

Ways You Can Help Yourself

There are things you can do on your own to improve air ventilation in your home. Use exhaust fans regularly, such as in the bathroom after a shower or in the kitchen while cooking. When the temperature and humidity outside is right, you can open a window and turn on fans to get air moving. You can also get humidifiers that are easy to set up and will help prevent mold.
You should make sure to take care of water leaks too. They can lead to mold within your walls and insulation.

Turn To Us

If you live in or around Mission, Texas, and are experiencing difficulty with humid air or your air conditioning system, then you can get help from Colair, Inc. We offer heating and air conditioning services and more. Contact us today for more information.

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Nathaniel S.
Joe was very professional and provided outstanding customer service, highly recommend !
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Eddie is very friendly and helped us immediately. A pleasure to work with.😊
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Esmeralda S.
Eddie did an outstanding job explaining all the abouts about my AC. He is great!
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Let me tell you that we are so thankful to have the service that you provide. When your techs actually sit at the table and go over and answer any and all questions. You all are doing an amazing job. We thank you and feel good choosing you as our AC service. Carlos Castillo thank you for your hard work and dedication. We value you 😃 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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Karina.. did an excellent job.. she was very professional took her time with our A.C. unit yearly maintenance, making sure everything was working properly... she explained everything she did and provided pictures of her work. I strongly recommend Colair for your yearly A.C. unit maintenance... Stay Cool Karina ...
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Very friendly and fast service.
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Eddie Did a Great Job! Thank you.
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Joaquin and Eddie did a great job would definitely recommend 10/10
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Raul Martinez (Colair) was very knowledgeable and detailed when he serviced our a/c unit. He took the time to recommend and explain what we could do to make our a/c run even more efficient. Thank you Raul. 5 starts for sure.
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Adrian Garza. Excellent technician very knowledgeable of equipment that was installed. Great to explain my questions. Eye would love to have him at all my calls that are requested a service. Thanks Adrian Garza for keeping it real. 👍👍👍
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Both Sean and Austin came to the rescue and worked diligently to remedy my cooling problem. I can always count on Colair to serve my needs in a timely and efficient manner. Warranty coverage has always been honored. Thank you!
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Good communication! Friendly! Knowledgeable
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Joaquin and Eddie did a great job explaining the issue with our AC.
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Very polite, knowledgeable, good technician
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Joaquin was very professional and courteous! Explained everything in detail. Great customer service!
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Eddie & Carlos
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I had the pleasure of having the Colair team out to install my brand new A/C and furnace unit. Randy and the team were courteous and professional. Highly recommend this team and company. Thank You.
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Karina muy atenta, la verdad nos gustaria que Ella siga viniendo a darnos El mantenimiento de nuestros aires, gracias por tan buen servicio.
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Eddie & Carlos did an amazing job checking my system.Provided indoor air quality Packages to help my home and family. Thank you Eddie and Carlos
Melba G.
Karina Norris was so professional in performing the maintenance on my unit, while making sure I understood everything she was doing. Also advising me of a new part I needed and why. So proud to see a young lady doing such a physical job and proud of doing it.
Arrived within 1 hr. Both Technicians Adrian and Joaquin were courteous and professional. Inspected the entire system while pointing out the areas of concern. (Very Knowledgeable) I highly recommend them. They make a great team.
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I cannot recommend Colair enough. Your tech Raul Martinez was courteous, professional, and efficient. Highly recommend Colair. Great techs!
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Estubo Perfecto nesedita yo creo UN buen aumentoo es muy amable. El muchacho gracias por tener emplesdos como El estamos muy satisfechos .con su visita de trabajo gracias
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Joe did an excellent job installing my new A/C unit in a timely manner
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_I was scheduled to have my home's HVAC unit checked out today since I'm on the Colair Preventative Program that entails preventive maintenance twice a year. Raul Martinez was the technician assigned for the job today. Raul was very thorough and checked out both inside and outside units. After completing all the components, Randy was very informative by informing me of the readings or results of all the components evaluated today. It is great to know that my HVAC is running top notch and one thing less to worry about. Raul did want to make me aware of an issue to be concerned about. Raul pointed out that my inside unit was developing a buildup of what seemed to be mold. Raul called a supervisor, Noah Gonzalez, to come by and further evaluate the issue. Noah was able to explain to me that the duct network needed to be checked for efficiency due to the age of the ducts. Noah went up and discovered several areas that were leaking air generated by the unit. Noah showed me pictures of what he discovered. First, he pointed out that the insulation in the attic was ready to be replaced and then Noah showed me the results of the tests conducted on the duct network. Noah made me aware of the positive and negative reasons in addressing and replacing the duct network and insulation in attic. I had been thinking of replacing the ducts, but now I see the time had come. We discussed price, advantages in replacing now instead of later. Overall, I was very pleased with the inevitable.Thank you Raul Martinez and Moah Gonzalez, and Colair for giving me peace of mind and comfort throughout the year. See you in 6 months Colair!
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Carlos and Eddie were out here for a maintenance. They made me aware of the current state of my unit and provided excellent customer service. I highly recommend colair!! God bless them
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