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A Homeowner’s Quick Guide To A/C Installation

The temperature’s rising. Can your cooling unit keep you comfy? If not, be sure that you’ve got the perfect HVAC system to control the air quality of your home even before the hot humid months arrive.

A proper A/C installation in Edinburg TX calls for a number of careful considerations. Get help from our trusted team of HVAC professionals at Colair Inc. and we guarantee comfortable and energy-efficient solutions for your home so you’re ready to take on the heat this summer. Meanwhile, here’s what you need to know about A/C installation:

AC Installation Edinburg

Getting Ready for Your New A/C System

Our HVAC experts at Colair Inc. can perform the installation so much faster and smoother when you take the following actions:

Prepare the Ductwork 

Even before we install your new A/C system, your ductwork needs to be rid of dust and dirt. If you can, get your ducts fully cleaned and aired out before A/C installation in Edinburg TX. Also, be sure to seal them.

Give Room for the New A/C System 

Even before the arrival of the new unit, eliminate any clutter and obstacles from the area so our installers are free to work in the designated room(s) in your home. If you can, also make sure that the measurements for the new unit fit well in the space.

Provide a Clear Path for the Contractor 

Our technicians will be moving from the entrance to the installation areas of your home. To avoid property damage or accidents, it would help if you move the rugs, toys, and tables found on the way.

Check the System Before It’s Installed

Feel free to approach our installer to verify that the new system that was bought is the one you ordered. This is important as during consultation, a load calculation should have been performed before we recommend the right type of A/C unit your home needs. This will prevent problems later on after A/C installation in Edinburg TX.

What Contractors Should Do During Installation

Our team follows the following standard procedure during an air conditioning installation:

Remove the Old A/C System

Our installers may need to access your basement, attic, or crawl spaces depending on where the previous A/C system is located. Next, we will turn off the power. Then we will remove the refrigerant in the ac system, disassemble it, and pull out the old equipment.

Alter or Repair Ductwork

Your ductwork might need to be repaired or replaced. A team member or a couple of our team members will take care of this while our lead installer begins assembling your new A/C system.

Install the New A/C Unit 

Our crew will begin the installation of your new air conditioning system. To ensure proper functioning of the unit, we will base the process of A/C installation in Edinburg TX on the manufacturer’s specifications. Installations may also be performed inside and outside of your home or business. It all depends on the type of ac system you purchased.

Run and Test the New A/C System

After we finish installing your new A/C unit, we’ll run it through vacuum and pressure tests before we charge the system using a new refrigerant. We will also perform a complete inspection. Finally, we’ll activate and retest the system once the refrigerant has been added.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Cool in the Heat of Summer!

From fresh installation of state-of-the-art equipment to old system replacement, Colair Inc. can do it all. If you’re looking for energy-efficient models from respected brands you can rely on, we’ve got them all, too.

With our extensive experience in the HVAC industry, we’ll ensure that your A/C installation in Edinburg TX is the right fit for your home or business. And we’ll make sure that you stay within your budget. Contact us today at 956-581-5212 to set an appointment!